Micro Dab Rigs

Why is a Micro Dab Rig better?

With the enticing world of wax concentrates expanding every day, so has the dab rig industry. Dab rigs range in a variety of sizes with various colors and percolators. While the appeal of a larger dab rig may appeal to some, the benefits of a micro dab rig could seriously change your mind.

What is a Micro Dab Rig exactly?

Micro Dab Rigs are, as the name implies, small dab rigs function like a standard sized dab rig. Micro dab rigs have much appeal, one reason being that it is extremely portable. Most micro dab rigs range from 3-6” and are very versatile to be carried in your pocket, backpack, purse, etc. with ease. Many of these rigs are still able to have a plethora of shapes, colors, and designs regardless of its petite profile. A lot of artistry can still go into the creation of these pieces, don’t let their compactness fool you!

Benefits of a Micro Rig

Micro dab rigs in general are a lot more discreet and can be enjoyed on the go. Another benefit of using a micro dab rig would be that it provides the truest terpene flavor. Vapor in general tends to degrade terpene flavoring the more air and water that it meets. That’s why larger dab rigs may not be as effective, as they have larger chambers for the vapor to flow through. Micro dab rigs eliminate this problem as they only have a few short inches to travel between the nail and your mouth. Many individuals miss the full terpene profile of their wax by filtering through too large of a rig or even by combusting it! However, with a mini rig you should be able to achieve the true natural flavor profile your wax takes on. Similarly, due to its size, micro dab rigs require significantly less water and make filling up your rig a breeze.

In Conclusion

Overall, a micro dab rig can be a powerful tool in your dabber arsenal. It has proven to be an extremely portable as well as easy and fun to use. With a micro dab rig, one has access to a whole world of terpene flavor profiles that may not even be detectable with a traditional rig or bong. So next time you are looking into purchasing a dab rig, consider yourself a micro dab rig! Who knows, it may end up being your dedicated dab rig. Just as the great Master Yoda once said, “Size matters not”.