How to Grind Weed

How to Grind Weed for Beginners

Separating your bud from the stems is an important ritual in the weed smoking lifestyle. Grinding/separating your weed has significant benefits from making your joints/blunts easier and more even to roll as well as making your bowls burn evenly and spread out.


The Old-Fashioned Way

Cannabis can be separated with one’s fingertips, however this process is lengthy to get every available bud and can cause one’s fingers to be sticky with trichomes. One could even use a pair of small shearing scissors to help with the hand separating process. However, this can also be time consuming and tedious. To combat these issues, that’s where the handiness of the herb grinder comes into play.


Grinders: 2-Piece and 4-Piece

Herb grinders are extremely useful for separating herb without leaving a sticky mess on your fingers. Traditionally used for grinding cooking herbs such as cloves or mint, herb grinders are bountifully used in grinding the best herb. To grind your weed in a grinder, one must open the central chamber of their grinder. Grinders typically come in 2 pieces or 4-piece. The 2-piece grinders are easy to use, one would just need to slightly break apart the buds from their stems and place in between the teeth of their grinder chamber. After all the desired bud is in the grinder, add the secondary pieces and begin to twist. Once you have given it a few good twists, you can choose to open your grinder or even continue to grind for a finer grind. Depending on the smoker, every individual has their own personal preference on the fineness of their grind. Finely ground flower is typically preferred for bowls and dry herb vaporizers while coarsely ground bud is usually preferred in joints and blunts due to their ability to stick together easier. A 4-piece grinder on the other hand is slightly more advanced, containing separate chambers to allow both ground bud and kief to fall through separately. This kief chamber at the bottom has proven to be a gold mine for many. In the process of grinding, a lot of the important THC-rich trichomes fall of your flower. This kief screen will sift your kief and conveniently store it in a 4th bottom chamber for later use. Some people like to save up their kief for an extra kick on their bowl or simply for a rainy day.  Once your flower is ground, be sure to remove any lose stems or seeds from your herb and you are ready to roll!