A downstem is a long glass (or acrylic stem) that connects your bowl to the internal chamber of your water pipe. Most downstems are straight designs, however as innovation progresses every day, downstems have equally evolved. Before purchasing your downstem, an important piece of information to understand is the sizing for your bong. Every bong that requires a downstem typically has a 10mm, 14mm or 19mm joint and will only work with the corresponding stem. It is very important to know which size your bong has, for it will dictate the type of downstem that you outfit your piece with. In the same vain, this size of downstem will also determine the size of bowl you can pair with it. Aside from joint circumference, an important detail to know is the length of your downstem. Every down stem has their own specific lengths for various sizes of bongs. Be sure to purchase the correct downstem length for your bong, ensuring there is a clear connection between your bowl and the water chamber. Some downstems even have fritted or cut slits at the tip for additional smoke percolation. If you get more advanced, we even carry a supply of tree-armed downstems for additional smoothness for your smoke.