Slang Used for Cannabis

Cannabis smokers across the generations have come up with new and interesting slang to stand for their favorite green leaf. A lot of this slang has developed out of the need to conceal their herbal enjoyment from invasive ears. There are hundreds of terms for cannabis, however some are more outdated than others. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Alfalfa – also slang for beard, money and tobacco
Asparagus – also broccoli, parsley, sassafras and turnip greens
Bud – the name for the part of the cannabis plant that is smoked
Christmas tree – also fir. “Lumber” can refer to unwanted twigs in the bud
Bogart --- To hold onto the joint or bluint for too long, when it’s supposed to be shared. The name Bogart comes from famed actor Humphrey Bogart, who would often let a cigarette dangle off the side of his mouth, even though he wasn’t actually smoking it.
Grass – Slang for cannabis; also used, bush and weed
Green – for the color, the same reason it is slang for money. Similar slang terms are green stuff, greenery and green tea
Herb — among Rastafarians, who use the substance religiously, this term has been used to emphasize that it is “natural” like other herbs. With a similar flare, the substance has been called “mother” and “mother nature,” as well as the “noble weed” and “righteous bush”
Reefer ---A broad slang term for marijuana. It's suspected the name originates with the Spanish word "grifa", which is a weed user. This term came into popular culture with the famous anti-weed film “Reefer Madness
Cross Faded — Being high and drunk at the same time
Green Out —When someone smokes too much weed and gets way too high. Roughly equivalent to blacking out, except with weed instead of liquor.
Zip --- One ounce of weed
L – Slang for a blunt, weed rolled in a cigar paper. This term comes from the cigar brand El Producto