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Heady Jahnny Rise "Phoenix Masterpiece"
Heady LGB Phat Rasta Ship Laydown Bubbler
Heady LGB OG Yellow Green Worked Bubbler
Heady Jahnny Rise Fossil Bubbler
Heady Darby Micro Camo Worked Dry Handpipe
Heady LGB White Rasta Laydown Bubbler
Heady LGB Fish Bone Bubbler
Heady Jahnny Rise MJ Rasta Worked Bubbler
Heady Jahnny Rise MJ Bird's Nest Bubbler
Darby Heady Glass Bongs & Pipes
Heady Glass Law Dawg Aztec Midnight Bubbler
Heady LGB Worked Inline Downstem Bubbler
Heady LGB Worked Tripple Bubbler
Heady LGB Rasta Laydown Bubbler
Heady LGB Lennon Orange Worked Bubbler
Heady Pakoh Chakra Marble Bubbler
Heady Hitman X Ukiah Frog Worked Sidecar
Heady Snic Electroformed Bubbler
Heady Snic Electroform Handpipe
Headie LBC Rasta Worked Dry
Heady Morgan Laydown "Rock" Dry
Heady Morgan Worked Dry Pipe
Heady Darby Micro Worked Dry Handpipe
Heady Darby Spiky Worked Bubbler
Headie Pakoh Tiger Head Bubbler
Heady Pakoh Enter The Dragon Bubbler
Hitman and Jared Delong heady Glass Dab Rig
Heady Hitman X Voorhees Barrel RecyclerHeady Hitman X Voorhees Barrel Recycler
Heady Lawdawg Spiderman Worked Bubbler
Heady Glass Rasta Worked Bubbler
Heady Glass Pakoh laydown Sherlock glass Pipe #headyglass

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