Use Your Bong for Dabbing

How to use your bong for dabbing

Concentrate dabbing is the hottest new craze in cannabis that is seeing increasingly popularity as the public begins to see its benefits. Individuals use dabbing if they are wanting to achieve an immediate relief for symptoms that traditional smoking or oral consumption just can’t provide as quickly. Although it is recommended to buy a pipe specifically dedicated for dabbing, your current water pipe is a viable option for your dabbing experience.

Some new dabbers may choose to dab through a waterpipe purely for economic reasons; they want to test the waters of dabbing without committing to a completely new pipe.


Nails/Dome Combo & Domeless

If you plan on dabbing through a water pipe, you only need a few things to get started. Like that of a regular dab rig, you will need a nail and dome (or a domeless nail), carb cap, butane torch, and your concentrates of choice. You must find the compatible nail/dome or domeless nail that will fit the downstem joint on your bong. 99% of the time these will be Male joints, as they are the same style as standard bong bowl. Simply slide your nail/dome or domeless nail in the downstem, heat up your nail, and you are ready to dab. Similarly, electronic e-nails work fantastically with bongs.



E-nails are electronic units that have a power source, enabling easy and ready-to-go dabbing. These units are typically metal coils that are attached to your quartz, ceramic, or titanium nail. The coils are then wired to a ballast box, where one would set the temperature and power button, then that is plugged into the wall through a DC power cable. Once your coil is heated and ready to the temperature of your choosing, your dabs are ready to go. Because it is plugged into your power outlet, this E-nail will keep hot for as long as you keep it running. This method might appeal more to beginners of dabbing that don’t want to mess around with an open flame, however this option does come with its higher price point.


In Conclusion

Dabbing can still be as easily done through your water bong as opposed to a dedicated dab rig. All it takes is a little finesse and a few extra accessories. Regardless of your method of choice, hopefully you will be able to now enjoy dabs through your water pipe with ease!