Wrap & Rake Beaker 8" Water Pipe with Speckled Neck

SKU: 10-50152

Color: Black
Sale price$49.00


If you desire a water pipe that is as unique as you are then look no further. 

This 8" bong has a beaker base that can hold plenty of water for filtering out the smoke and cooling it down. The neck contains three ice pinches that, when filled up with ice, will further cool down your hit for a toke oh so smooth you'll be reminiscing about it to your grandkids. 

This water pipe contains a lot of personality. The beaker has been blown with intricate wrap and rake designs. The base of the neck has been speckled with dots. The mouthpiece also contains color. 

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself. Purchase today and add this lovely piece to your growing collection of bongs. And why not: you deserve it. 


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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