Stache Products RIO Rig in One

SKU: 10-40157

Color: Blue
Sale price$149.00


The Rig in One (RIO) by Stache Products is the coil-free, all-mechanical dab rig with a torch built-in.

Compact and portable, the RIO kit includes a glass dab rig with a showerhead perc and 14mm female ground glass joint, a glass carb cap, a 14mm male quartz banger, dab tools, and a torch with an overflow valve.

The glass rig is encased in a silicone skin available in a range of different colors. The RIO is an ultra-convenient dab kit suitable for both new and experienced dab enthusiasts!

  • Brand: Stache Products
  • Category: Dab Rig
  • Material: Glass


*This product is for legal and medical concentrate use only

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