Smell Proof Carbon Transport Backpack "The Mule" - Forest Charcoal

SKU: 50-50235

Color: Forest Charcoal
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The BrightBay™ “The Mule” Roll-up Style BackPack is a revolutionary design in the world of odor-proof bags. “The Mule” Backpack expands to carry a high amount of inventory, while still keeping all odor concealed with its numerous layers of carbon lining. Like the other BrightBay™ Smell Proof Bags, “The Mule” features rubber-lined zippers, water-resistant material, and discreet branding. As far as storage space, “The Mule” is equipped with an outer pocket for smaller goods and extremely durable water-resistant fabric.

  • Premium Quality Activated Carbon Lined Compartments
  • Antimicrobial Properties to Prevent Carbon Damage
  • Discreet: W/ No Logo
  • High-Quality Material & Construction
  • Water-Resistant Exterior Material
  • Water Resistant Zipper for Maximum Odor Control
  • Adjustable Height and Inventory Capacity
  • Very Commodious Main Compartment
  • Medium Sized Frontal Pouch for Additional Storage
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps for a fitted style
  • Adjustable Chest Strap for Weight Distribution
  • 20” H (Rolled Up) & 29” H (Unrolled) x 5 ¾” W x 11 ½” L
  • Forest Charcoal

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