Single Tree Double-Bubble 20" Water Pipe

SKU: 10-50189

Color: Brown
Sale price$70.00


All hail, the 20" Single Tree Double-Bubble Water Pipe! 

If you think that title is a mouthful, wait until you've taken a hit from this big, bad boy.

20" tall, three ice pinches, and a single tree percolator--this piece is no joke. The round base holds a lot of water. There is a second oval shape that's stacked right on top of the base that can fill up with smoke. The uptake chamber contains a tree percolator that can further filter and cool down the smoke. The ice pinches can hold ice cubes in its neck, further cooling down your hit. 

The base contains intricate wrap and rake patterns. The mouthpiece shares the same colors as the base but also has spotty designs on it. 

 19mm Bowl Size.

*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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