Quartz Grail Banger - 19mm Female

SKU: 50-30461

Color: Clear
Sale price$15.00


Rest easy, weary traveler. Your journey has come to its final conclusion. You alone have traveled from afar, sojourned in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, and have finally found all that you seek: the Holy Grail!

This uniquely-designed Quartz Grail Banger is an ideal addition to your collection of dabbing attachments. This banger features a slitted dish that increases air circulation for the most heavenly of hits. More airflow means bigger hits.

It's made from quartz, so its life expectancy is as ongoing as the life that it imparts to those who have sought it out... unless you drop and break it, of course. 

The Grail Banger makes for a good replacement piece but can also be used to transform your bong into a dab rig. 

Partake from the Grail today in order to reap the benefits of its miraculous powers. 


*This product is for Tobacco, legal and medical concentrate use only

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