Packwraps X Twisted X Bio Wrap Kit - Sweet - 10 Pack Box

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Pack like the Pros with this ultra premium Impossible Leaf Wrap. The Impossible Leaf wrap is a Tobacco and Nicotine free wrap designed to mimic the properties of a natural leaf. This brand new type of wrap stays fresher longer, burns slowly and has a fresh great taste,  all while still providing that signature natural leaf feel. This product is sold in a kit with a reusable and USA made glass tip and the Pro Packer XL Tool to help you pack like a pro. Each wrap is hand crafted and machine cut in a whale tail shape in order to prevent canoeing and ensure an even burn signature. 

2x Impossible Leaf Wrap
- Slow Burning & Great Taste
- Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free
- World’s First Impossible Leaf
- Long Lasting Freshness
- Mimics the properties of natural leaf
- Specialty Whale Tail Cut for an even burn signature

Propacker XL - Herb Packing Tool
- Packs the perfect XL blunt for your fresh greens
- Do it like the pros with this all in one blunt making kit.
- Fits 2 Grams of Herb

BIO Reusable Filtered Glass Tip
- Medical Grade Borosilicate Glass
- Engineered for a cool draw
- Filters out large particles

10 Packs per Box

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