OOZE® Kettle Silicone Bubbler

SKU: 10-60156

Color: Teal
Sale price$42.00


OOZE is well known for its versatile, convertible silicone and borosilicate glass pipes. Their pieces are durable, travel-friendly, and also perfect for clumsy smokers or small smoke stations.

OOZE's Kettle Bubbler includes a 14mm downstem for use with the glass flower bowl or the quartz banger. Switch them out to enjoy your favorite flower strains or concentrates with convenience and ease!

If you look closely below the downstem's opening, you will find a tiny lightning bolt that is magnetic to hold your metal dab tools or dabber. This piece also features a suction base that will hold your piece in place on a clean flat surface.

All of OOZE's products are made with food-grade silicone and high-quality borosilicate glass to keep the cleaning process simple and hassle-free.


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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