OOZE® 4-in-1 ECHO Hybrid Dab Rig Silicone Nectar Collector & Water Pipe

SKU: 10-40404

Color: Ultra Purple
Sale price$79.00


OOZE's ECHO silicone pipe can be used with CBD and hemp flower, concentrates, and 510 thread oil cartridges.

To use as a water pipe, insert the OOZE Armor Bowl and fill it with dry herb and light up as usual. To vape instead, with the Armor Bowl still inserted, the glass bowl can be popped out to reveal the vape pen adapter. Any 510 thread oil cartridge can be attached for a super smooth vape experience with the added benefit of water filtration.

Any concentrate product can be enjoyed as well using the 90° thermal quartz banger, just heat the banger with a torch and get to it.  This smoking device is made of strong borosilicate glass parts and incredibly heat-resistant silicone.

Like other OOZE pieces, this can be further converted to a nectar collector by pulling the very top silicone piece out and connecting the titanium nail to the end. A borosilicate glass dabbing dish is included.

Store unneeded accessories in the silicone base. This has slots for the nail, banger, and has a built-in non-stick silicone container for concentrate storage directly under the piece.

This piece is perfect for enjoying both flower and concentrates. Order today and gear up for 710 Day!


*This product is for Tobacco, legal and medical concentrate use only

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