Easy (Cannabis-Infused) Butter Maker - Makes 2 Sticks

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Color: Clear
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So your inner Julia Child wants to start canna-baking. Well now, with the Easy Butter Maker you will be well on your way to making butter in a manner that is, well, easy. Upon reading this description, we hope that you'll get excited about making cannabis-infused butter! Hop on the butter-craze bandwagon with us!

This device is going to infuse your butter with all of that precious THC through the process of percolation. You will then be able to bake goods with that canna-butter that are tasty and produce satisfying highs--no churning needed.

Bake then get baked. 

This is such a fun and convenient piece to use. It will surely become one of your favorite kitchen devices, and baby, you butter believe it!

  • Makes Herb Butter or Oil in 10 minutes
  • Allows for 2 sticks of butter to be infused per batch
  • No Straining
  • Fast and Easy
  • MSRP $69.95

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