Cat Dome - 19mm Female

SKU: 50-30399

Color: Yellow
Sale price$27.60


You must think that you're one cool cat, huh? You are, you're shopping on this site, after all. Being that you're cool, and we're cool, indulge us for one minute:

You enjoy heating up concentrates and inhaling those precious vapors: we get it. This cat dome has been designed so that a nail can be used with this piece. The nail will be heated and then concentrates placed on top of it. The dome is going to make sure that those wonderful vapors stay contained within the dome so that there's no waste. 

This bad kitty will fit a dab rig that has a male joint measuring 19mm. 

If you're looking to pair your smoking device up with a piece that's going to give it some swag, the Cat Dome can accomplish that. 

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