BIO Glass METRIX v2 Capsule Dome 10" Dab Rig

SKU: 10-40359



One of the latest in the BIO Glass Collection, the BIO METRIX V2 Capsule Rig hits as smooth as its slick design

This unique dab rig stands at 10" and features intricate handblown characteristics that are visually pleasing and provide efficient and smooth hits. Change out your quartz banger for a bowl and this piece makes an amazing water pipe!

It has a large base for extra protection against tipping so you can focus on torching your concentrates and adjusting airflow with a carb cap. Every detail was thoroughly planned by master glassblowers, with modernism and functionality first and foremost in mind.

The inner matrix percolator provides filtration and optimal airflow for full smooth hits and is the finishing touch to this exceptional rig.

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