Billy Goat Novelty Water Pipe

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There is a great amount of detail in this billygoat's face. He has sharp yellow eyes that stare at you with such curiosity. The ears are upturned as if trying to take in the sounds around him. The goat-ee that hangs from underneath his chin is undisturbed by the wind. The horns are twisted. His abdomen is the water reservoir and can hold plenty of water. The tail doubles as the female joint that is going to securely hold your bowl in place. This goat's color is marley rust--a pretty shade of orange and red--with swirls of designs that wrap around his body. This billygoat knows how to keep his coat well-groomed which is why he shines.

This waterpipe is made from borosilicate glass which is less prone to cracking or breaking when exposed to high temperatures. 

This unique waterpipe contains so much character. Not only can this piece be used to smoke your favorite flower but it is such a decorative piece that steals the show when displayed on your shelf or living room table. Anywhere you choose to display this little guy, he's sure to become the primary focal point in any room. 

Purchase today and add the Billygoat Novelty Waterpipe to your menagerie of animal-themed waterpipes. 

  • Color: Marley Rust
  • Material: HEATEX borosilicate glass


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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