90° Quartz Flat Top Bucket Banger - 19mm Female

SKU: 50-30279

Color: Clear
Sale price$10.00


Dabbing doesn't have to be a complex undertaking. Simplify the dabbing process with this Quartz 19mm Female Banger. The bucket measures 25mm in diameter and is positioned at a 90° angle; it's able to fit a male joint that measures 19mm. This piece is able to retain heat very well. Because the bucket has a flat top to it, it's compatible with many different types of carb caps. Ideal for use with your current dab rig, or for converting your bong into a dab rig: either way, begin vaporizing your favorite concentrates today!

  • Material: Quartz Glass
  • Joint: 19mm Female
  • Diameter of Bucket: 25mm


*This product is for Tobacco, legal and medical concentrate use only

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