90° Quartz Banger with Core Reactor & Carb Cap Set - 19mm Female

SKU: 50-30288

Color: Clear
Sale price$13.30


This set comes with a banger and carb cap. The banger is essential when it comes to heating up concentrates. The carb cap is going to make your life easier in this pursuit. 

Once you have heated up the banger, the core is going to retain a lot of that heat. The carb cap can be placed on top of the bucket in order to keep the heat trapped inside. The hollowed-out carb cap will also allow you to control the airflow while you're inhaling the vapors that lie within.

this set is ideal for the dabbing novice. 


  • Joint: 19mm Female 
  • Material: Quartz


*This product is for Tobacco, legal and medical concentrate use only

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