9" Hypnotic Golden Snake Water Pipe

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Slithering through the tall grass you are barely able to make out its full form. Its lengthy 9" body approaches you with quickness in serpentine fashion as though it's about to pounce you like its prey. It springs towards you where it lands at your feet. Its hypnotic gaze is fixed on you. Unable to avert your stare, you feel an almost calming allure by the creature.

The scales on its back are yellow with black swirls. Its mouth is opened wide, revealing long, sharp fangs that drip with venom. Its tail is curved meaning that its demeanor is relaxed. There is an opening in its nose that allows the user, if they feel so bold, to come face-to-face with the beast in order to draw in a hit, absorbing some of its essence. 

The snake's belly sits atop of a beaker that can be filled with plenty of water for all of your filtration needs. 

A glass downstem and bowl are included with this piece.

  • Height: 9"
  • Color: yellow
  • Base: Beaker
  • Joint: Female


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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