7" Striped Water Pipe with Color Trim

SKU: 10-50596

Sale price$30.00


At 7" tall, this waterpipe is compact and portable. Its neck is slightly curved toward the user which allows for comfortability while smoking, as well as adds a safety cushion between the user and the lighter being ignited. 

The joint is female and has a showerhead percolator attached to its other end that rests within the water chamber. Showerhead percolators filter the smoke through the water exceptionally well removing tar/resin and providing the user with a cooled-down hit that is not so harsh on the lungs. 

There are two colored stripes, one on the top of the water chamber and the other on the bottom of the water chamber--these two thick lines add a widescreen look to the piece. The mouthpiece also has a splash of the same color. 

This piece comes in assorted colors. 

  • Height: 7"
  • Joint: Female


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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