5" Metal Six Shooter Hand Pipe

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Well, howdy there, pardner! The Wild West can be a dangerous place for a cowpoke like yourself. You'll want to be prepared if ever challenged to pistols at dawn or even an ol' fashioned gunny sack race. Boy Howdy! Head on past the saloon there, over to the gunsmith, and take a gander at his wares. 

The 5" Metal Six Shooter Hand Pipe is an intimidating piece, but don't go being yellow now, ya hear? In the right hands, you too can be a rootin' tootin' gunslingin' peacekeeper wherever the wind takes ya.

This here piece has a cylinder where you're going to place that precious cactus flower. The barrel is the uptake chamber where you're going to draw in your hit. 

This piece comes with a pouch similar to the one you use to keep your spittin' tobacco in. The pouch is going to keep your piece looking new and polished. 

Ride into the sunset today a hero with your new 5" Metal Six Shooter Hand Pipe. 


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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