Customer Service


We wanted to take this time to address a couple things to you all about getting your orders out. Currently we are experiencing a large number of orders as more and more people are shopping online due to California’s Shelter-in-Place protocol. We have hired personnel necessary to assist in processing everyone’s order in a timely fashion. Though we are getting ourselves back on track with order fulfillment and processing, part of our delay stems from our carriers. UPS has notified us they are also experiencing a large influx of orders to pick up for shipment in our area. This has caused our shipments to be delayed if trucks are filled before reaching our stop, meaning the shipments are not taken until the following day or Monday if it is a Friday.

Not only has the pandemic caused delays in our processes, as there is another factor right now that has impacted our shipment processing. The fire that occurred in DTLA over this last weekend has caused some wholesale shops in that area to close temporarily. One of those shops that was closed was our distributor. For that reason, we may not be able to process some of your orders. We don’t keep all our eggs in one basket, so we do have select inventory at our warehouse location. If your order happens to contain an item temporarily unavailable, we will contact you to choose another item or wait for availability to ship. Please contact our customer support team and we will be glad to assist you.

We apologize to you for any inconvenience these delays may cause you. Trust and believe we are doing everything in our power to fulfill your orders and keep you satisfied. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our customer service team and they will be ready to help you any way they can. Your patience and empathy are appreciated. We cannot thank you enough!


Please be aware we are currently experiencing a larger influx of customer inquiries, we are working hard to provide every customer with exceptional service and will get back to your inquiry as soon as our team can.