High Life Goods’ Favorite Marijuana Influencers of 2018

A lot of times when people hear the phrase “Instagram Influencer”, they cringe. In fact, when we typed in “Instagram Influencers” into a Google search engine just now, the top results are either wealthy models that advertise makeup, or somewhat annoying teens and 20-something-year-old dudes who get likes for posting jackass-style videos. There was one guy in the list who does magic trick videos, Zach King…but the Zach Kings of the world are few and far between.

Despite our dissatisfaction with the top results, we love marijuana influencers. Sure, maybe some of them get paid as well to advertise products, but most of them are psychotic in the amount of weed they consume, and we love watching them smoke. They always have the best stashes and best pieces, which is something every kind of smoker wants to see. Their smoking skills are as impressive as their content, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite marijuana influencers from this year.


  1. @Harrydabs

We love Harrydabs. He’s our favorite hyper man, and he’s always at cannabis festivals posting the best concentrates and waxes. He just seems like a funny guy too, always kind of clowning on himself. Whenever we check his story there are at least 10-20 posts we haven’t seen yet; Harrydabs is constantly posting. Unlike with the feed, however, it seems like the best way to get and to keep followers is to post a ton of awesome stories. He has that formula down, as his current follower count is at 150K. We also like how he’s always posting random things too, like a steak he’s about to eat in a fancy restaurant while sitting next to a bong he just smoked in the restaurant. He seems like the kind of guy that’ll always have your back and just wants to have a good time no matter what, which is why he probably has such a large fan base.


  1. @Southerndabber_420

Southerndabber_420 is known as the “Combo King”, which means he tries to smoke as many bongs and dab rigs as possible, all one after the other as fast as he can. Most of the time he doesn’t even let the smoke out of his lungs before hitting each piece consecutively, which is insane. The most we’ve seen him hit is 7 at once. He’s got other videos where he hits quad gravity bongs and bongzillas as well, which may even produce more vapor than a traditional combo. He also regularly uses our Water Bottle Bong which is pretty awesome. He reminds us of that cool relative we have who lives in a log cabin in the mountains and grows weed in their yard. He also just seems like a nice and positive dude, always reminding people to be thankful for what they have and telling them to have a great day with a huge smile on his face before he his several bongs at once.


  1. @Macdizzle420

If you don’t already know, Macdizzle420 is a comedy influencer named Mac, who frequently creates videos with her roommate and friend, @koala.puffss. Each of them has a massive Instagram following of 282K & 283K respectively. We love Mac not only because she’s sassy and funny, but she’s also a talented content creator and comes up with new skits on a regular basis. YouTube stars and influencers generally get flack when they tell others they work hard, but really…it is a difficult trade. They must think of new ideas for minute-long videos and post 20+ stories every single day, all while being highly entertaining and skilled video editors. Just try it for a few weeks; you’ll probably be over it. It takes a lot of mental energy and drive to come up with their skits and interesting content on a regular basis, and that’s what it takes to have as many followers as they do. They also really don’t have any time off; being a successful influencer is a 24/7 job. You can’t miss one day, even if you’re sick…we’ve seen comments from fans freaking out and wondering why Mac and Koala hadn’t posted a new video since the day before when the fan checked their page, which is kind of crazy…but that’s how it works.

Also, the marijuana influencer market is (unsurprisingly) saturated with tons of male influencers, so Mac and Koala are a breath of fresh air. It’s easy to get followers solely for being an attractive model that blows smoke at the camera in every other video, so the fact that Mac has more followers than most of the influencers who solely depend on their fans based on their looks is a testament to her creativity and relatability.


  1. @MedicatedMarley

MedicatedMarley is great because her content feels like real-life (most of it probably is). She has several videos where she’s helping her grandmother in the kitchen, getting her nails done, or hanging out with groups of other influencers, all while smoking different pieces. It seems like she’ll pretty much smoke anywhere at any time; a karaoke bar, a Vegas casino rooftop, outside in the rain…

Marley has some incredible heady pieces too which are always interesting to see, because they can be really expensive and hard to get. Usually marijuana influencers showcase the newest pieces from large companies, not so much from smaller-scale famous glassblowing artists like Mr. Voorhees (@mr.voorhees) and Scott Tribble (@scozglass), which she showcases in her videos. Also, everybody loves her purple hair…which is arguably her most recognizable feature. We like that she knows how to keep attention and gain followers in her own way.


  1. @Mr_marijuanaman_

Mr_marijuanaman he’s unique in that a lot of his videos aren’t of him smoking, but they’re of his packed bowls and filled-up bangers being lit and drained into the piece. His videos are all top-quality as he’s a skilled photographer and videographer as well. There’s something so satisfying about seeing several different strands of weed all stacked like a parfait being set aflame with a torch and melted down into the piece as smooth white vapor streams above. It’s like watching weed porn. His content is also featured by High Times Magazine, on top of already having 279K followers.

Mr_marijuanaman doesn’t post stories and content as often as other influencers (even though he still posts new content every day), but he doesn’t need to because people love his videos so much, they’ll keep coming back for more even if they’ve already seen his videos. In fact, we just scrolled through and watched a bunch of his older content right now when we originally meant to only check out his latest post. Quality over quantity is how he keeps and gains his fans.

It is tough to stay up in the marijuana influencer business, but despite that they keep going until they’re not able to anymore. Marijuana influencing takes some serious dedication, much more so than other industries. A big issue for all these influencers is that they can get deleted from Instagram for anything, as it’s against Instagram policy to post the marijuana videos that they do. In fact, Koala was recently deleted and almost lost her entire base of nearly 300k followers. She was lucky to have her account re-activated, but others aren’t always so fortunate.

Just knowing that all the hard work they’ve done over several years could be deleted at any moment would make most people want to switch industries. We’ve got a lot of respect for these influencers and if you haven’t already checked them out you won’t be disappointed!