How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer in 2 Simple Steps

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Posted at 11:00 - 18th March - Anibal Polanco - Personal Care & Hygiene

For some of you, hearing about the COVID-19 Coronavirus in the media is frightening. Having started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in the Hubei province, its spread has reached many major countries around the world. Here in the United States, it's been causing a sense of panic to the point where places like Costco have been selling out of water, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. However, fear not! Though we are seeing a shortage in certain hygiene products like hand sanitizer, High Life Goods is here to help!

In this article, I will teach you how to make your own hand sanitizer. First, you’ll need a few products before we get started. You can shop for these at your local drug store like CVS, Walgreens, and Target among many others.

7 Things You Will Need to Make Hand Sanitizer

1)      Rubbing Alcohol (isopropyl) – CDC recommends 60%-90%

2)      Pure Aloe Vera Gel (100% Recommended, or at least with minimal additives)

3)     OPTIONAL: Essential Oil if you so desire

4)     Bowl and Spoon

5)     A funnel

6)     Empty liquid container, we recommend an old hand sanitizer bottle.

7)     Latex Gloves

Steps in Making Your Hand Sanitizer

Step 1

With your gloves on, measure out 2 parts Rubbing Alcohol and 1-part Aloe Vera. Place them in your bowl. If you choose to add drops of essential oils, do it now. Stir it all up.

Step 2

Take your funnel and pour your mixture into your empty bottle. Screw on the cap and you’re all set!


Watch the stoner tips video below for a step by step tutorial:

Alternative Ingredients for Hand Sanitizer

If you are like me, you may be driving around trying to find 100% Aloe Vera Gel with no avail. How can I make hand sanitizer without Aloe Vera?! Well, fear not! I have another alternative for you. Go and find vegetable glycerin. Why use aloe vera or glycerin? Because they help counteract the moisture evaporation from the alcohol that will dry out your hands. Both those ingredients act as an emollient for your hands so that they do not dry out. If you were to dose your hands in just pure rubbing alcohol, you may experience irritation and dry, cracked hands. You don’t want that.

Final Thoughts and Input

It’s a pretty simple process in making this stuff. However, we do want to let you know to exercise caution when making your hand sanitizer at home. Keep in mind that your ratio of rubbing alcohol to aloe vera is 2:1. So if you use 2 cups of rubbing alcohol, you’ll want to use 1 cup of aloe vera. It is very important that you measure exactly and use the appropriate products mentioned. The higher percentage of rubbing alcohol used, the better because the glycerin or aloe vera gel dilutes the alcohol and affects its percentage.

Of course, you’ll want to do more than just using hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of this virus. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds. Be sure to wash THOROUGHLY! We share this information not to scare people but to give alternatives that are just as effective. Check out our other video on stoner hygiene here. I hope this article was helpful. Share this with your friends and help each other protect and prevent the spread of this COVID-19.