Customizable Bongs

How potential customers, businesses, and brands can make the most of the cannabis industry with custom consumption equipment.

When soda pops first came to market in the late 19th-century, there had never been anything like it before. As a result, brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper have been dominating the fizzy liquid industry for over 100 years. That might be why people are so excited about the cannabis industry.

As doors continue to open, industry leaders and creative entrepreneurs are finding all kinds of unique ways to bring more value to the industry.

In one instance, a company has found a way to revolutionize the retail space found on consumption equipment. They’ve started customizing their glass work. Why is this so revolutionary? Well, it has the ability to market to individual customers, dispensaries, ancillary cannabis businesses, and even up-and-coming brands.

Let’s look at how customizing bongs can help spur a creative revolution in the cannabis industry today.


The Potential Customers of Customizable Water Bongs

Most importantly, customizable bongs are a type of product that serves the marketplace. Before legalization in many areas, this isn’t a business that would have done well because the marketplace wasn’t looking for it. Obviously, during criminalization, it wouldn’t be wise to plaster a personal brand onto an illegal instrument. That would’ve been the equivalent of building a prosecutor’s case against yourself, in some way.

The times have changed, however. Now, people are more interested in building their own little space and collecting cannabis souvenirs. Here are just a few examples of what someone might do with a customizable bong:

  • Put their face on it.
  • Customize a bong inspired by their cats.
  • Imprint a picture of their best friend for their birthday.
  • Create a ‘newlywed’ bong for a recently married couple.
  • Cover a bong with pictures of pickles.
  • Create a secret treasure map on their bong.
  • And more

There is really no limit to what people can put on a customizable bong. With the freedom to be creative and truly carve out their own niche in life, customers will find that customizable bongs make the cannabis industry a much more individualistic place.

For individuals, that’s great. For businesses, customizable bongs represent a different advantage.


Why Businesses Will Benefit from Customizable Bongs

There are several types of businesses that could benefit from marketing customizable bongs. How they benefit will be determined by the business’ format and practices. Here’s how customizable bongs will help a few businesses.


Of course, headshops often sell the best cannabis equipment around. If you’re a loyal customer to a local headshop, you probably already know what their best products are. However, if you haven’t entered their shop recently, you might be surprised to find that they’re selling customizable bongs.


Now that cannabis is legal in many places, dispensaries have more leeway into what they can offer to their customers. That means up-sells to bongs are becoming increasingly more common. Even more importantly, dispensaries will be able to brand their bongs with whatever imagery they like to ensure that all their friends know where their cool new devices are coming from.

Souvenir Shops

Souvenir shops are more likely than ever to offer cannabis merchandise, souvenirs, and paraphernalia. So, if you want your selfie over the Grand Canyon to wrap around your new bong, there’s a souvenir shop that might do that for you.

The benefits for souvenir shops are obvious. They target a niche of people who like to spend money on cannabis souvenirs and offer them a unique product made just for them. Those customers are willing to pay premium dollars to a business when they might otherwise have bought just a few trinkets.

Brick-and-mortar locations aren’t the only places that can utilize customizable bongs. Brands have just as much to gain.


How Brands Can Maximize Their Efforts with Customized Bongs

Brands need a simple recipe: visibility, functionality, and a value-add. What better way to do it in one quick swoop than with an awesome, customized bong?

It’s immediately a value-add; it’s a unique bong to add to a collection that nobody else will have.

Since brands can choose the design, they decide its level of functionality.

When people ask where they got their new bong, they can simply show them the imagery. Instant visibility.

So, not only are customizable bongs a solid investment for a brand looking to increase their visibility in the marketplace, it’s also a good way to establish a place in people’s minds and homes.

When we begin to think of customizable products as a method of buying up cannabis marketplace real estate, it gives us a glimpse of what to expect from customizable bongs in the future.


What Does the Future Hold for the Cannabis Industry?

What happens in any creative niche as time goes on? The techniques become more diversified, intricate, and noteworthy. As customizing bongs becomes more commonplace, expect to see the same type of trend.

We may see a marketplace where brands take over entire sectors of customizable bongs simply by shape, texture, color, or even functional features. Sure, there are some awesome bong brands already producing incredible glass, but the legalized industry is still in its infancy.

Should full legalization take effect in the United States, expect to see a rush of creative entrepreneurs enter the game who were once too wary to broach the cannabis industry. With that rush, an influx of creative talent should rapidly expand a marketplace that is already prone to ingenuity.

Hopefully, the creations will remain in the hands of individuals. In an ideal world, local bong makers could fully customize their equipment and sell them at farmer’s markets and trade shows.

Customizable bongs hit the market at several levels. They’re helpful for people who want to be creative and unique, for dispensaries that want to expand their sales, and for brands that want to increase their public visibility. What would you do with the power to customize your own bong? Let us know in the comments!