Wulf Evolve Plus Vaporizer




The Wulf Evolve Plus is the ultimate pocket-sized vaporizer, and one of the most popular Wulf vaporizers. Don’t let the 120mm by 19mm frame fool you; the features in the Evolve Plus packs a hefty punch!

A revision of Wulf’s Evolve series, the Evolve Plus comes with an improved micro USB-rechargable 1100 mAh battery for extended, all-day use. It also has a 15-second automatic safety cut-off in case you activate the Evolve Plus without using it. Just hit the single firing butto,n and the device activates and instantly heats up! The most significant addition to the Evolve Plus vaporizer is its Ouartz Dual Coil technology for bigger, cleaner, and more flavorful hits.

If power and a large battery capacity are the qualities you value the most in a vaporizer, then the Wulf Evolve Plus is the vape for you!

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