Wulf Duo Vaporizer




The Wulf Duo gets its name for being a dual-use vaporizer. It contains two distinct cartridges: a glass tank for your oils and a dual quartz cartridge for your concentrates. Measuring at 2.5” by 1.25”, the pocket-sized Wulf Duo is one of the smallest Wulf Mods vaporizers.

The device consists of a mouthpiece and a cartomizer which is recessed into the housing, giving you additional protection against accidental drops and general wear and tear. The magnetic adapter facilitates easy insertion and removal of the cartomizer. The Wulf Duo is also packed with 1000 mAh battery for multiple sessions on a single charge

With a press of a button, you can adjust your voltage settings from 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, or 4.0V, so you can tailor your vape sessions to your liking.

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