OOZE® 4-in-1 MOJO Hybrid Silicone Dab Rig Nectar Collector & Water Pipe

SKU: 10-40416



The MOJO is another hybrid silicone and borosilicate glass piece from the innovators at OOZE. It's good mojo only here no matter what configuration is used to enjoy cannabis products!

This piece features a honeycomb silicone design with an inner borosilicate glass chamber to easily check water level and when it's time for a cleaning. The food grade silicone and high quality glass are dishwasher safe so smokers can spend more time getting high than worrying about resin muck on a piece.

Like all OOZE's, the mouthpiece can be attached to the included titanium nail to create a nectar collector that can be used right out of the Geode Stash Jar. The glass bowl allows a smoker to enjoy their favorite flower strains, and it can also be removed to create an Ooze Pen Adaptor for smooth water filtered vape hits.

A 90° Thermal Quartz Banger attachment is also included for dabbing and it can take the heat from a standard torch.
This piece is perfect for enjoying both flower and concentrates. Order today and gear up for 710 Day!

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