Novelty Pineapple Water Pipe

SKU: 10-70072



Modeled after the succulent fruit, this Pineapple Water pipe contains vibrant colors and markings that are actually found on pineapples. The leaves up top serve as the mouthpiece. Each spiky part on the pineapple will allow the user to firmly grip it with ease. 

This fruit-inspired piece may look as though it's covered in sharp points but don't be deceived, this piece is actually very comfortable to hold and use. 

This is such a fun piece to smoke out of. Within a group, play the game "Pass the Pineapple"--first person stoned wins. 

Purchase today to add to your growing collection of fruit-themed Water pipes and begin your five-serving daily regimen towards a happier lifestyle today. 

  • Joint: 14mm Female

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