Mario Concentrate Dome - 19mm Female

SKU: 50-30397

Color: Red
Sale price$27.60


The kingdom's under attack, the princess has been kidnapped, and only you can restore peace to the land--what else is new?

You may not be super now, but you will be as soon as you've inhaled some vapors from the Mario Dome. 

If you have a dab rig and nail then you're ready to begin your journey into a whole 'nother dimension... Or at least it'll feel that way because of the psychotropic effects of the concentrates you'll be smoking. 

This piece is great. As you heat up your concentrates with fireballs from your fingertips, the dome will keep those precious vapors contained within it so that none go to waste. No waste means more gold coins in your pocket. 

The Mario Dome will fit a dab rig that has a male joint measuring 19mm. This piece resembles a cap that has wings on its side. Purchase yours today and take flight to other lands and galaxies. 

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