Green Pterodactyl Novelty Water Pipe

SKU: 10-70070



Take flight into the Jurassic period with the Green Pterodactyl Novelty Waterpipe. This is an ideal piece to add to your collection of unique primitive pieces from the past.

Standing upright on two claws, you'll be sailing smooth after you take a toke from this glossy piece. The curved shapes of the body create an environment for the smoke to be cooled down by the cool touch of the glass. The bowl located on this dinosaur's back is curved away from the user which is going to put some distance from the user's face and the lighter being ignited. 

This is an amazing piece with plenty of detail. We all loved dinosaurs when we were younger, now we have the opportunity to use one for our smoking conveniences. Add this piece to your collection and get smoking with Tony the toking Pterodactyl. 

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