Green Chromium Crusher Multi Blade 2.5" Grinder

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If you are looking for a premium quality, highly-capable grinder, the Chromium Crusher 4-piece grinder is one of the most affordable you€™ll find anywhere. These grinders easily crush with an even consistency, keeping your product where you need it and not on your fingers. It is made from a highly durable metal material and features sharp teeth that swirl into a diamond pattern. These 4-piece grinders include a very fine pollen screen that allow the smallest crystals to permeate. 

• Size: 2.5" Diameter
• Color: Green Chromium
• Material: Exceptionally Durable Zinc Alloy
• 4-Piece Set
• 3 Chamber Design
• Clear Windows on Storage Layer for Checking Product Levels
• Fine Pollen Filter Screen, Mesh
• Pollen Scraper Included