Glass Jar with Silicone Lid Medium 1.5oz (42.0g) OG Oscar

SKU: 70-30115



Get ready for sunny days. The air may be sweet but keep it away from your fresh nuggs. The Glass Jar with Silicone Lid Medium 1.5oz (42.0g) OG Oscar is ideal for those looking to preserve the freshness of their stash while keeping in sealed all that flavor. The silicone lid is air-tight and will keep out any non-desirable elements like dust, moisture, and bugs from contaminating your greens. The jar itself has been emblazoned with your favorite grouch—no, not your mother-in-law. Oscar is anything but grouchy here. With eyes bloodshot red, and a doobie hanging from his mouth, there’s no need not to be happy. A garbage can is no place to store your perishables. Keep your weed fresh with this Oscar jar.

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