BENT Glass Rig 8" Turbine + Cross Stemless

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Get your turbines revved with the BENT glass 8" Turbine Single Cross Dab Rig! This fantastic BENT dab rig is the perfect portable piece for any user hoping to get the most bang for their buck. The single turbine perc as well as the single dual cross adds multiple levels of vapor filtration, allowing for smooth and satisfying hits! Hand made from borosilicate glass, this finely crafted piece is sure to last for years to come.

• Height: 8"
• Diameter: 65mm-44mm
• Percolator: Single Turbine / Single Cross
• Base: Stemless Martini
• Joint: Male 14mm
• Color: Clear / Black Trim with Black BENT logo & with Gold Logo
• Made in Los Angeles, CA