Smell Proof Carbon Transport Backpack "SK Slinger" - Wolf Gray

SKU: 50-50227



The BrightBay™ “SK Slinger” or “Skunk Killer Sling” is an innovative military style mid-sized cross-body sling, designed to go on stealth mission and safely store your personal, professional, and recreational necessities. This unisex style bag features very commodious, odor-absorbing main compartment designed to inconspicuously carry your desired consumables. In addition to the main compartment, the “SK Slinger” is equipped with 5 additional zipper compartments as well as a removable, internal Velcro pouch for a smell proof transfer.

• Completely Smell Proof
• Military Molle Webbing for numerous attachment
• Maximum Strength Carbon filter
• Carbon filter-lined Pockets
• Removable Smell Proof Velcro Pouch
• Water Resistant Zipper
• Water Resistant Exterior
• Adjustable shoulder/Waist straps
• Antimicrobial Properties
• Discreet: No Logo
• High Quality, Durable, and Innovative Construction
• Spacious Main Compartment (Odor-Absorbing)
• Exterior Mesh Side Pockets
• 15” H x 4.5” W x 9” L
• Wolf Gray

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