8" Ridged Beaker Water Pipe

SKU: 10-50600



This simple 8" beaker waterpipe has a slick, clean look to it. The exterior of the water chamber has ridges that travel up its side giving it a ripple effect. The joint is female. This piece contains a showerhead percolator that diffuses the smoke into the water which is going to effectively filter it and cool it down. The neck of the waterpipe is sturdy and slender.

The mouthpiece, percolator, and midsection have been accented with color making them stand out. The lip that protrudes from the middle of this piece has been designed with optimal comfort in mind allowing the user to firmly grasp the piece. 

It provides smooth, full hits for its size and is lightweight and comfortable to hold and smoke from.

  • Height: 8 inches
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Black

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