7" Yellow Beaker Water Pipe/Dab Rig Combo

SKU: 10-50001



This 7" waterpipe is a pretty shade of yellow that makes it look almost gold. The beaker has a concaved shape to it. The uptake chamber has been designed in a twisted fashion that is curved towards the user. This curve is convenient in that it places a safety cushion between the user and the lighter that's being ignited; it also acts as a splash guard. 

This piece comes with a bowl and a quartz banger making it multi-functional: you can burn flower or dab concentrates. Two birds as they say. 

Compact pieces like this are easy to use for the smoking novice as well as the individual adept at smoking. It's lightweight and can be operated by one person. This waterpipe is ideal for personal use. However, if you're smoking within a group this piece definitely can hold up its own and produce some fanciful highs. 


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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