7" Novelty Water Pipe | Friendly Nightmare

SKU: 10-70261



Because this piece is hand-blown, no two pieces are exactly alike and may vary in size. The Friendly Nightmare waterpipe stands at 7.5" tall. 

Its body is dark red with light black markings that look like the smoke that rises from the pit of the underworld. Its gaping maw reveals teeth that are as sharp as razor wire but as white as the purest snow, unstained by the viscera of its numerous victims--young and old. Its claws are black not unlike its absence of a soul. It has five eyes that heavily study your every move, learning your routine. It's alive, it moves, it hides. It lies in wait, watching you. When you least expect it is when it makes its move. It hunts. It devours. Its only desire is to sustain itself by consuming all that it can. You are neither friend nor foe. You are its prey, and its need to feed is insatiable. 

The mouthpiece is the green bulb protruding from the top of its head. The female joint is 15mm at its widest point and is able to comfortably fit the 15mm male bowl included with this piece. 

This is such a unique-looking waterpipe with so much character. Though it makes a pretty decorative piece, if, and only if you are able to tame this demon, will it serve its secondary purpose as a smoking device.


  • Height: 7" to 8"
  • Colors: Red, Black, White, Green
  • Joint: 15mm Female

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