4" Pineapple Novelty Handpipe

SKU: 10-30001

Color: Yellow
Sale price$39.97


Any Hawaiin lover will adore this beautiful Muneo yellow & Brandi green pipe! This pipe is hand blown from high quality HEATEX  borosilicate glass. The hand crafted details make each and every piece unique and special. A must have for any up and coming pipe collector.

  • Material: Borosilicate HEATEX glass


 Smoking will always be fruitful when you're hitting our Pineapple Hand Pipe! At 4 inches, it is easily portable and conveniently shaped for compact storage. Crisp golden yellow and lime green colored glass work brilliantly together in this piece. The pineapple of our eye, if it had a nickname it'd be called the fine-apple.


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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