4.5” Ash Catcher Showerhead Perc 45° - 14mm/14mm

SKU: 50-60048



Easier to clean than your waterpipe, let the 4.5” Ashcatcher Showerhead Perc 45° 14mm/14mm do the dirty work!

Inside the clear ash catcher a showerhead perc provides additional filtration. Smoke diffuses through the showerhead perc, and the ash catcher prevents excess debris from working its way into the waterpipe’s main chamber. Not only will this ash catcher help keep your water pipe clean, but it will also help you get a cooler, smoother smoke!

This durable borosilicate glass ash catcher has a 14mm ground glass 45° male joint to attach to your water pipe, and a 14mm ground glass female joint for attaching your preferred bowl.

The 4.5” Ashcatcher Showerhead Perc 45° 14mm/14mm is available in two colors (green and pink) to best match your waterpipe setup.

Affordably priced, pair this ash catcher with a waterpipe cleaner to keep your waterpipe looking as good as new!

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