18" PURE 3D Emboss Straight

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Built tall and sleek, this 50mmx5mm bong is the classiest bong of this line! This cool water pipe embraces the straight forward and simplistic design but still gives you the tactile sensory touch of the raised Pure logo. Marvel at the premium quality glasswork that we at Pure work so hard to perfect.

Hand crafted in Los Angeles by our Pure artists, this sturdy borosilicate glass blown water pipe is built to withstand years of continuous love.  Hot stamped with our famous holographic logo, you are ensured authenticity and quality standards set by our glass artists.

• Height: 18”
• Diameter: 50mm
• Thickness: 5mm
• Ground Joint: 19mm
• Pure scientific glass
• Hand crafted in Los Angeles, California
• Includes:
• 14mm Male Pure Bowl
• Diffused Downstem
• Color: Clear
• Style: Straight