12" BIO Glass Marble Beaker - Pink/White

SKU: 10-10711

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Standing tall at 12", this BIO Glass Water Pipe contains several special features that will make your smoking session easier and more enjoyable. 

At the tippity-top of the bong is a wide mouthpiece for you to draw in big hits each time. There is an ice catcher located in the neck that will allow you to place ice cubes in it so that your hits are further cooled down for some of the smoothest hits that you'll ever experience. The back of the neck has a marble comfort grip with a floral design inside of it. The downstem is diffused which will further cool down your hit. The water chamber is big and can hold plenty of water for your filtration needs.

This durable piece is a great water pipe for beginners to start off with. 


*Product is for Tobacco Use ONLY

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