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      Glossary of Terms

      American Made Bongs and Glass Pipes 

      American Glass – This indicates your glass in blown in the good old US of A. High quality design and reliability has gone into it’s creation.

      Angle cut domes for dabbing on dab rigs            Angle Cut Dome – This is a specific type of dab rig dome that features an angled shaped as opposed to the standard circular dome. Best used effectively with a carb cap
      Glass Beaker Bongs allow you to get a bigger hit  Beaker – This pipe has a base similar to that of a scientific beaker. This larger chamber allows for more water and therefore bigger hits!
      Can Chamber Bongs and Dab rigs                  Can Chamber – This type of chamber is typically found on dab rigs or water pipes, featuring a cylindrical shape similar to that of an aluminum can.
      Puck Chamber Bongs and Dab Rigs Puck Chamber – Typically found on dab rigs, the puck chamber is an aesthetically pleasing water chamber that is shaped like a hockey puck. It also functions as an extremely sturdy base.
      Straight Waterpipes and Bongs                                Straight Tube – This style of water pipe features a straight design, typically with a flat martini-style base. This is the simplest design of all waterpipes.
      Bent Neck Dab Rigs and Bongs Bent Neck – Bent Necks on waterpipes and dab rigs offer both aesthetic and practical advantages. These style of necks double as a splashguard as well as extending the mouthpiece away from your heat source for added comfort.
      Glass Pipes and Bongs made by a designer Branded Glass – Branded glass is any pipe that is designed or “branded” by a specific smoking glass company. Many branded glass pipes are embossed with a logo, insignia, or stylized name.
      Glow in the dark pipes and Bongs              Glow in the Dark – Watch as your glass glows brilliantly before your eyes on those late-night sessions. Blown with a special dye, these pieces glow fantastically after hours.
      Clear Glass rigs and Bongs Clear Glass – These pipes are made with dye-free glass. They can be seen through and can be observed as the bubbles and smoke form inside.
      Colored Glass Ppes and Bongs Colored Glass– These pipes are crafted with colored dyes to add aesthetic beauty to your glass. These are much more sought after as artistic piece.
      Deep Bowls for Bongs Deep Bowl – This style of bowl is much deeper and larger than standard bowls. These are perfect for parties and group situations.
      Dewar glass joints for Glass waterpipes and Bongs                          Dewar's Joint – This type of glass joint is a small glass tube that connects the joint to the chamber, typically on “stemless” pipes. It reinforces the joint’s strength and gives additional support overall.
      Colored glass that changes color when it reflects light Dichroic Glass – Dichro glass is glass that changes color depending on one’s eye perspective. This effect is achieved by layering various metals or oxides within the glass when creating it.
      Diffused downstem add extra diffusion to any water pipe Diffused Downstem – This type of downstem is the simplest percolator design. The straight tube has slits at the base which allows for smoke to travel through when submerged in water in your pipe’s chamber.
      Dome splash guards help from getting unwanted splash back when smoking through your bong Dome Splashguard – This style of splashguard resembles the shape of a dome. This feature is extremely useful for blocking any water that may rise while you are inhaling your smoke.
      Donut Splash Guards help keep unwanted bong water from splashing up Donut Splashguard – This style of splashguard resembles a tasty donut. Its circular-hole design allows for vapor and smoke to travel upward while still blocking unwanted splash back.
      Fab egg glass percolator's for Glass bongs                          Fab Egg – Pieces with this style of percolator contain a circular egg shape with holes throughout. This perc offers similar smoke dissipation to that of a Swiss Perc.
      Glass Marbles on Glass bongs Glass Marbles – Pipes with this feature have aesthetically pleasing marbles crafted into the pipe. This is useful for additional hand grip but is mostly a beauty feature.
      Slyme colored glass bongs and pipes Slyme Glass – Slyme Glass is highly desired for its unique coloration and vibrant shimmer. Slyme glass is typically green, however other glass artists have been known to experiment with the color scheme.
      Cool the smoke down with feezable coils Condenser Coil – This attachment is a removable tube with a glycerin-laden coil built within. This is meant to be frozen and added to your favorite water pipe for a constantly cold and smooth smoking experience.
      Heady Glass unique glass bongs and pipes Heady Glass – Heady Glass is a general term to describe glass pipes with particularly artistic characteristics. This style of glass is typically done on a smaller scale basis due to the intricate nature of their designs.
      Hour Glass shaped Glass Bongs and PIpes Hourglass Chamber – Any pipe that has an hourglass chamber has an intricate design. The indents on the sides of the chamber gives the look of that of an hourglass.
      Ice catchers in glass bongs to cool down the smoke                                  Ice Catcher – Pipes with an ice catcher have small indents within the neck. This is meant to hold ice cubes in order to cool down your smoke as it travels through the pipe.
      Balloon Bag Vaporizers Balloon Bag Vaporizer – This type of tabletop vaporizer is meant to be used primarily in group settings. They come equipped with a large plastic balloon bag for capturing your vapor and passing it amongst friends.
      Direct Draw vaporizers Direct Draw Vaporizer – These vaporizers are the most standard of all handheld vaporizers. They typically offer a glass or plastic stem, giving you direct connection from the vaporizer to your lungs.
      A vaporizer with a whip like tube attached Whip Vaporizer – Vaporizers that come equipped with a whip are extremely useful. They are long multi-foot flexible tubes that connect your tabletop vaporizer to your lungs. Whips make vaporizing extremely convenient for group settings.
      Analog Vaporizers sold at high life Analog Vaporizer – This type of vaporizer has a simple user-friendly interface making for a straight forward vape experience. Analog vapes typically have a simple knob or button to begin the heating process.
      Digital Vaporizers have a digit display so you can heat it up Digital Vaporizer – This style of vape is much more advanced than its analog counterparts. They allow for precise temperature control, giving the user a more personalized and specific vaping experience.
      45 degree joint on glass pipes and Bongs 45° Joint – Glass pipes with this feature a joint at a diagonal angle. This style of joint helps to prevent fractures and make your smoking experience easier to partake.
      90 degree angle joint on a glass Bong                            90° Joint – Pipes with this have a joint at a clean and precise 90° angle. This easily connects your bowl to your chamber.
      Female Joints on glass bongs or dab rigs Female Joint – This style of joint is important when purchasing your pipe. A male bowl or dome will work properly with this joint, unless you have an adapter or drop down
      Male style joint for pipes and rigs Male Joint – This style of joint must be verified when you purchase your pipe. This style is common in dab rigs and works ideally with a nail or a female bowl/dome, unless you have a converting adapter or drop down.
      10mm joints on glass pipes and bongs 10mm Joint– This is the smallest style of waterpipe joint. This is typically used on smaller water pipes or dab rigs and requires a 10mm dome or nail.
      14mm Joint on Glass bongs 14mm Joint – This is the most common of the joint sizes that come on dab rigs or water pipes. This will require a 14mm bowl or nail to work properly.
      19mm Glass joint on Bongs and Rigs 19mm Joint – This joint is typically reserved for larger glass. In order to properly work, one would need a 19mm bowl or nail, unless you have the proper adapter for your bowl.
      Maria Rings on a glass Bongs Maria Rings – These are circular glass rings that are found within the neck or just below the mouthpiece of a water pipe or dab rig. These offer aesthetic value as well as additional grip on your pipe.
      Micro Dab Rigs are better to smoke dabs with                   Micro – Any pipe that has this label is petite and easy to transport! Micro dab rigs are extremely popular for their portability as well as quick and simple transfer of vapor to the user.
      Flared mouth pieces on a Glass bong or Dab Rig Flared Mouthpiece – Pipes with this feature elevated glass around the edges of the mouthpiece. This style contours to the user’s lips creating a tight and locked seal while smoking.
      removable mouthpiece from bongs and rigs Removable Mouthpiece – Water pipes with this feature allow for quick hot swapping of your mouthpiece for customization and quick cleaning.
      Pendant carb caps and Pendant dab rigs Pendant – These are small glass wearables, typically featuring a small hole for a string or chain. Some pendants double as micro pipes or as carb caps.
      A Barrel Perc and over sized glass looking barrel Barrel Perc – This specific style of percolator has a unique barrel shape, that feature specific holes to filter your smoke evenly.
      A circle perc is a glass circle iwth slits in it Circ Perc – This is short for “Circular Percolator”. This style of perc is circular in nature, featuring multiple holes within the circle for intense smoke filtration.
      cross perc add extra diffusion Cross Perc – This is a style of percolator with a center component and multiple slitted circled percolators jutting out from the middle, giving the user a smooth and relaxing hit.
      Disc Perc for use in bongs and rigs                            Disc Perc – Disc Percs are filtrating percolators similar to that of a circular perc. They have multiple slits or holes for added smoke diffusion.
      A perc that is shaped like a dome Dome Perc – This particular percolator has a dome shaped design. These percs have various slits and/or holes for a superior smoking experience.
      Percs shaped like a donut Donut Perc – This percolator has a donut shaped design, which also features multiple useful smoke holes for diffusing your smoke into an easy experience.
      Fixed downstem Fixed Downstem – Pipes that have this feature have a downstem that stay locked in place. While other pipes have removable downstems, this style is fixed into the joint and typically has percolator slits
      Honeycomb perc's Honeycomb Perc – This is one of the more common styles of percolator. Similar to that of a honeycomb, this perc is circular and features various holes throughout the surface allowing for extreme smoke diffusion.
      Inline perc usally attached to the downstem Inline Perc– These percolators are designed to be straights tubes with grids or slits, further leading inside a perpendicular chamber.
      A downstem you can remove for cleaning Removable Downstem – Pipes with this feature allow for your down stem to be removed from the chamber. This allows for easier cleaning and can be replaced easily if damaged.
      Shower head perc                                      Showerhead Perc – This fine percolator resembles the shape of a household shower! This perc has a thin vertical tube widening into a wide chamber, with added filtration slits.
      rachet perc Ratchet Perc – This a variation of the disc perc with holes outlining its perimeter for added filtration and smoke flow.
      Swiss Perc's Swiss Perc – This is a vertical diffusion percolator with holes on a large disc. The name comes from the fact that it looks like swiss cheese!
      Tree perc's Tree Perc – This style of perc gets its name from the many branches that it has. This percolator has various arm slits that uniformly diffuse your smoke, making it smoother and easier to handle.
      Turbine Perc's Turbine Perc – These percs are constructed as a solid disc with angled slits placed inside the water chamber. These slits create a spinner effect that cools down your smoke while looking aesthetically pleasing.
      Polished joints Polished Joint – This variation of joint has clear see-through glass as opposed to the frosted look found on most water pipes. This is purely for aesthetic purposes.
      reclaim used on dropdowns Reclaim Catcher – These are small chambers that jut out from under the joint or the nail of a dab rig. As you continue to use the rig, oil residue will trickle down into this chamber for a cleaner dab rig, as well as being able to repurpose the resin later.
      Recycler Bong or Dab Rig Dry Herb Recycler – This dry herb use pipe uses intricate percolators and angle bends to reduce splash back and hydrate your smoke for an increasingly better smoking experience.
      Concentrate Recycler Concentrate Recycler - This concentrate use pipe uses intricate percolators and angle bends to reduce splash back and hydrate your vapor for an increasingly better dabbing experience.
      Duel use recycler Dual use Recycler - This multi-use pipe uses intricate percolators and angle bends to reduce splash back and hydrate your smoke/vapor for an increasingly better experience.
      A lab type of design Scientific Glass – This type of pipe has designs similar to that of scientific beakers. This usually features clear glass and comes in a laboratory design.
      Sidecar Bongs Sidecar – This style of waterpipe neck branches off from the left or right side of the chamber and ends at the mouthpiece. This is useful for stopping unwanted water splash back.
      Straight Neck Straight Neck – This style of neck rises vertically straight from the center chamber. This is the simplest style of neck for waterpipes.
      Desktop Vaporizers Desktop Vaporizer – A vaporizer that is meant to live on a tabletop. Best used at home and in group settings, these vaporizers can vape large quantities of flower or concentrate and typically have a whip or balloon bag for use.
      Portable Vaporizers Portable Vaporizer – This vaporizer is meant to be portable and on the go. These usually can fit in a pocket or bag and don’t need to be plugged into the wall but are charged via a battery.
      Weed Vape Pens Vape Pen – A Vaporizer Pen is a small handheld vaporizer that is the size of a standard writing pen. Most vape pens use concentrate cartridges or wax; however, some can be used with dry herbs.
      Thick Glass Bongs Thick Glass – This glass pipe is constructed to be sturdy and weighted. It is crafted with multiple millimeter thick glass for a long-lasting pipe.
      Unbranded Glass bongs and Rigs Unmarked Glass – These are pipes that have no particular branding or affiliation. These are purely meant to be artistic glass pieces, which some individuals prefer over the branded glass.
      Illuminati Glass              Illuminati Glass – Special glass that is blown with a particular dye allowing it to glow brilliantly under UV/Black light. This is one of our most sought-after color schemes.