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Ooze Sludge Water Bubbler Kit


Ooze Sludge Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit features a hand blown glass water bubbler made with a percolator for cooler and smoother hits. It features a dual quartz titanium splash guard coil. Ooze Splash guard coils are designed for optimal airflow and to avoid the mess of excess splatter.

Kit Includes:

• Brand: Ooze
• Sludge attachment (hand blown glass)
• 2 Splash guard dual quartz titanium coils
• 650 mAh battery 3.7 V
• Carrying Case
• 5ml Glow in the Dark silicone container
• 6" stainless steel dabber
• Dual Titanium Coils
• Deep Chamber
• 510 Thread
• Dual Quartz Crystal Rods

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