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Monster Dab - 4" x 6" Rosin Press 3 Ton


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Personally press the amazing purity of rosin for your establishment with the Monster Dab Rosin Press! This astounding 3 Ton pneumatic press relies on the power of intense pressure and heat to press rosin concentrate from your herbal blend or kief of choice. Included with a handy "how-to" instructional video, the Monster Dab Press has everything you would need to start pressing rosin straight out of the box. However, because this model is the pneumatic version, one would need an air pressure system to properly operate it. Enjoy the purest of concentrates that is rosin with this astounding pneumatic press.


• 3 Ton Model
• 4" x 6" Plates
• Extraction Cleaner
• 1 Package of Rosin Bags
• USB "How To" Instructional Video

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