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MicroG Vaporizer - Snoop Dogg Ground Material


The Snoop Dogg microG herbal vaporizer is perfect for taking your dabs on the go. Specifically intended for use with ground material, the Snoop Dogg | microG Ground Material is fully-customized and features a roadmap of Snoop's hometown, Long Beach, on both the vaporizer and box. Box set comes with everything shown here.

• 1 Rechargeable Snoop Dogg | microG Battery
• 3 microG Ground Material Tanks
• 1 Snoop Dogg | microG Mouthpiece
• 5 microG Mouthpiece Sleeves
• 1 G Keychain with microG Tool
• 1 G Wall Adapter
• 1 microG USB Charger
• 3 G Cleaning Tips

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