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Medicali Flower Herbal Vaporizer


The Medicali Flower Vaporizer pen is the latest in portable vaporizers from the fine folks at Medicali. It is especially designed to vaporize dry herbs but not suitable for concentrates or oils. This portable vaporizer pen is the perfect choice for the active user and is designed to create pure, smooth vapor. It is equipped with a 650-mAh battery and a 5-click manual on/off button. The battery light changes color to indicate the remaining power. The Medicali Flower pen is designed in a sleek black with a green Medicali logo on the bottom of the battery.

In the Box:
• 1 Rechargeable Medicali Flower Vaporizer
• 1 Medicali Flower mouthpiece
• 1 Medicali Flower removable filter (housed within the mouthpiece)
• 5 Medicali Flower filter screens
• 1 Medicali Flower cleaning brush
• 2 Medicali Flower extended mouthpiece sleeves
• 3 Medicali Flower mouthpiece sleeves
• 1 Medicali Flower wired USB charge

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