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Vaporizers – Puff the Future

Vaporizing is the wave of the future! The concept of vaporizing is simple: you are releasing vapor from your herbs instead of combusting it, which can release numerous toxins and carcinogens into your body. Vaporizing has evolved to become a safe alternative to smoking your herbs, allowing for richer flavors and better long-term use. Although technically invented in 1927 by Joseph Robinson with the development of a primitive electronic cigarette, vaporizing didn’t become fully fledged into the mainstream until the early late 90’s-2000s with the dawn of the modern e-cigarette. Piggybacking off the popularity of the Chinese invented e-cigarette, cannabis vaporizer companies have been continually developing the technology resulting in numerous vapes of varying styles.

Vaporizer Styles


Handheld vaporizers are currently the most popular style of cannabis vaporizers. With a similar build to a standard box e-cigarette, handheld vapes are the perfect way to enjoy your herbal or oil blend at home or on the go! Most handheld vaporizers are composed of a few components: the trench, the stem, and the heating unit. The trench is the device’s “bowl”, or where you will be packing your herbs or oils. Most dry herb vapes work best with finely ground/packed buds; many vapes come handy with a packing tool. Certain advanced vaporizers give you chamber options, allowing easy switch between dry herbs and oils. The stem, typically made of wood, glass, or ceramic, is the connector from your device to your mouth. Many stems are made for high heat and extended use. The heating unit is where the magic happens. Typically using convection oven technology, the heating unit is powered by an internal battery, allowing for temperatures varying between 104°F and 410°F. Based on an individual’s personal preference, these temperatures can be experimented with for different effects.


Tabletop Vaporizers are fantastic devices that do as the name implies – they are meant to stay tabletop (and at home). The benefit of a tabletop vaporizer as opposed to a handheld one is usually for group settings. Many tabletop vaporizers come with additional hoses or vapor bags, designed to be shared amongst friends. Due to its communal nature, most tabletop vapes have a larger trench, allowing for larger batches of herbs/oils to be packed. The internal design of a tabletop vaporizer is similar to that of a handheld vape: trench, stem (or in this case the hose/bag), and the heating unit.

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